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About Us

Cumbernauld Taxis has been serving the people of Cumbernauld and surrounding areas since it was established in 1982 as a taxi owners association. As the oldest and most experienced company in town you will find our services fast, efficient and very competitive.

Our clients range from the individual, to medium sized companies, large corporations as well as government agencies and the public sector

Why choose us?

With so many taxi companies out there you always have to try to make the right choice, so here are some things you should consider. We as a company feel it is our responsibility to make sure that wherever you are going, each hire is treated with equal respect, be it just down to the town centre or to further afield.

Also, with regard to pricing, you should be aware that all taxi and cab companies now charge the same rates as set out by the council, therefore we are happy to dispel the myth that some companies are much cheaper than others, as this is entirely untrue. So, our aim is to give you more for your money by providing a greater service. Sometimes you do get more than you pay for!

Our Vehicles :

  • All vehicles can carry 5 or 6 passengers
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Have GPS tracking which means we know where all our taxis are at any given time.

Please advise our control room staff of your requirements when you phone or email.

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